Below are listed products and services that we have found have added value in our lives, one way or another for various different reasons.  We are not affiliated with any of these organisations, companies or suppliers, we do not receive anything in return other than the knowledge that we have shared our experiences and findings with others in the hope of helping their search for answers run a little smoother and adding value to their lives as well.

We hope you find some of the answers you need at this point in your journey.

In relation to parenting, we have really struggled at times. Not because we don't have totally amazing children but because, as is often the way, we have experienced challenges in relation to behaviour, which can be difficult to manage and they do not seem to respond to traditional approaches or discipline.

We wanted to find something that would be effective but would still feel quite positive and supportive in relation to their behaviour challenges. If you are looking for options too we have found Dr. Ross Greene and his Collaborative and Proactive Solutions model, sometimes affectionately known as Plan B, is a fantastic model and we highly recommend you consider getting his books or visiting his website to review his parent support tools.

Books by Dr. Ross W Greene:
The Explosive Child, Lost at School, Raising Human Beings, Treating Explosive Kids & Lost and Found

For all new families, whether you have a parent group or not, I highly recommend Playgroup, as much for the parents as it is for the Children. The support and friendship that you can find at Playgroup while enjoying watching your children develop is food for the soul and helps you to build a community that will support you during this period of change in your life. It is particularly useful if you have moved into a new area and don't know many people yet.  Visit your local council website and check out the early years services or visit Playgroup Victoria.

If you are living in Victoria and find you have Baby items you wish to donate or no longer need there are many fantastic charities out there that do amazing work helping families in crisis or struggling. We have previously used and recommend St Kilda Mums, they do fantastic work and will make sure everything goes to a worthy home.

The public school system is amazing but it can really struggle to support all students to reach their maximum potential. Some kids struggle academically, some struggle socially and others just get lost in the system and are not seen to be struggling at all, but equally they are not doing well. For whatever reason if public school isn't suiting you and your family we recommend you add Home Schooling to your list, while you are reviewing your options.  To get up to date with the latest on what it is all about visit the Home Education Network on their Website or Facebook Page. 

Mental Health is vital if you want to reach any goals in your life and we have found that practising gratitude and mindfulness really helps. Another fantastic boost for your mind and your body is Yoga, If you do not already practice Yoga maybe try adding it a few times a week, it can provide good sensory feedback to the nervous system, help with detoxing as well as calming the mind and improving balance and coordination. It does not have to cost you anything as there are great programmes available on You Tube that will certainly get you started.

For Children we recommend Cosmic Kids Yoga on You Tube they also do guided meditation and mindfulness for kids.
For Adults we recommend Esther Ekhart on You Tube for beginners through to advanced

If you are interested in learning more about Sugar and the role it plays in your life and your health. We highly recommend "That Sugar Film" on You Tube or visit their website for updates, blogs and information on the latest research and changes in the industry.

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