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We are privileged to work with families of all abilities. Our goal is to empower families to be proactive in their approach to supporting their health and developing and improving their self-care skills in practical meaningful ways.

As an Autistic family ourselves, we have often found that what works for others will not work for us. Having the right understanding and support for our differences has allowed us to build our health, and dramatically changed our quality of life. We have found our improvements have come from two core building blocks. Our therapeutic Yoga classes have improved sensory feedback, given us tools for managing overwhelm and anxiety and allowed us to build our Interoception (the understanding of ourselves and awareness of our own needs, which in turn allows us to develop a better understanding of others needs and improves our relationships). Our wholefood supplement and holistic lifestyle programme has also led to improvements in sensory sensitivities as well as improving gut health issues affecting digestion, nutrient absorption, toileting, sleep, mood and memory. 

Our NDIS registered Therapeutic Yoga Classes, allows students to interact with others in an environment that supports difference and encourages inclusion and respect, please check out our Health Gateway for further details.

Sensory issues, picky eaters, growing kids or teenagers with no interest in food, or even just no time to cook from scratch? Our Naked Health programme and nutrition supplements will provide all the support and tools you need to help you maximise the nutrition in your family's diet. Contact us today to find out how we can help your family THRIVE!

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